Telemedicine Provider ‘Drs. On Calls’ Expands with Goal of Offering Affordable Health Services to Those In Need

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform is expanding service areas to help more patients navigate the healthcare system where tele-medicine is currently non-existent.

Drs. On Calls is helping bridge the gap as a telehealth and medical concierge provider for those with limited or no access to health professionals during the global pandemic. Unlike other telehealth platforms where wait times are long and costs are obscure, Drs. On Calls offers transparent and affordable access to doctors and other medical professionals to people who may be shut out from care or cannot get to a doctor, including those with mobility issues, the elderly, low-income families, and the uninsured.  

Founder and President Mary Gorder comments on the telehealth app stating that, “We believe in providing affordable healthcare for all. At the core of our service is the need to help others, and we accomplish this by conscientiously providing compassionate care.”

Gorder goes on to add, “Where other telemedicine companies maximize profits at the expense of their patients, we strive to minimize costs while doubling down on the human touch for our patients.”

All doctors and specialists on Drs. On Calls are board-certified and licensed –– offering patients the ability to compare the prices of each doctor while also reading ratings and reviews from other patients directly within the app.

Additionally, doctors can also view patients’ health records and upload lab reports so that the patient has access to them. This removes the extra costs for users and doctors of having to subscribe to a third-party eHR or e-Prescription company.  

“Unfortunately we’ve seen many telemedicine services opportunistically coming out of the woodwork amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Gorder. “While their intentions are purely revenue-based, Drs. On Calls is offering free service to patients on their first virtual appointments. While our competitors charge exorbitant rates and keep patients on hold for hours, we’re immediately connecting our patients to caring doctors and at a fraction of the cost.”

The platform is available to download on all mobile devices including on Google Play and Apple, where it has a perfect five-star rating. Currently operating in the U.S., India, and The Philippines, the company has plans to continue its expansion throughout Southeast Asia and other emerging markets in 2020.

About the Company:

Drs. On Calls is a virtual telemedicine platform that remotely connects patients in need of thousands of licensed and board-certified healthcare professionals. The company helps those with mobility and economic restraints receive affordable, non-emergency medical calls, house calls, and virtual telemedicine services while also acting as a medical concierge for patients needing referrals to medical specialists.  

For media inquiries regarding Drs. On Calls, please email To speak with the company directly via telephone, please call (800) 652-5580.  

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