Beijing Radio & Television Station Beijing Time announces the preview of the 2nd Beijing International Canal Art Week

By Abdul

Beijing, China – In order to deepen the cultural and tourism exchanges with international canal cities, the online live broadcast program “Destination with Online Popularity in the ’Circle of Friends’ for Worldwide Canals” specially produced by the 2nd Beijing International Canal Arts Fest, which is sponsored by Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, organized by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center and implemented by Beijing Radio & Television Station Beijing Time, is launching. Seven canal cultural envoys from China, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany are invited to gather in Tongzhou, Beijing, on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. They board the boat together, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the canal, talk about the canal story, and share the world canal visit guide!

Broadcast platforms
Thematic Webpage of Beijing International Canal Arts Fest (webpage QR code)
Scan the QR code, visit the live show

Seven canal cultural envoys will lead the audience to look for the unique charm in the ecological landscape and urban development of China and canal countries such as China, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Holland, Italy and Germany; experience the delicious food, busy and frenetic activity or excitement along the Grand Canal of China, Suez Canal, Bangkok Ong Ang Canal, Xochimilco Canal, Giethoorn Canal, Venice Grand Canal and Dortmund-Ems Canal, and explore the cultural heritage embodied in world famous canal cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Wuzhen(Zhejiang) Port Said, Bangkok, Mexico City, Giethoorn, Venice and Mü nster.


What’s more, Li Xinrong, Li Kaichou, Fan Tongzhou, Nikangyujiang (Beijing Dance Academy), Zhang Xuelong(Beijing Dance Academy) from China, Jenny and the Steady Go’s from Germany, and Bola Suriana from Mexico have all performed songs and dances that combine contemporary styles with local folk customs.

Let’s walk into the hotspots of canals together as we through the performances, cultural tours, and interactions between Chinese and foreign canal ambassadors, and enter the world of canals with wonderful achievements in culture, ecology and development, in Beijing, across China and around the world!

Program schedule
At 20:00 on December 10th (Beijing time)
Episode 1 “Charming Waterfront”

China – ”Summer Palace (Kunming Lake)” of the Grand Canal
Egypt – Suez Canal
Italy – Venice Grand Canal
Li Xinrong, Li Kaichou, Fan Tongzhou, Beijing Dance Academy (China) – ”We Live by the Canal”

At 20:00 on December 11th (Beijing time)

Episode 2 “Bustling Waterfront” China – “Shichahai” of the Grand Canal
China – “Tianjin” of the Grand Canal
Thailand – Bangkok Ong Ang Canal
Mexico – Xochimilco Canal
Bola Suriana (Mexico) -“Song of Water”, “Rain”

At 20:00 on December 12th (Beijing time)

Episode 3 “Ancient Waterfront” China – “Randeng Pagoda” in Tongzhou section of the Grand Canal
China – “Wuzhen, Zhejiang” of the Grand Canal
The Netherlands – Giethoorn Canal
Germany – Dortmund-Ems Canal
Jenny and The Steady Go’s (Germany) – The Road to Dortmund-Ems Canal
From December 10 to 12, the program will be aired at 20:00 (GMT+8)
every night, with short videos to be launched at 8:00 (GMT+8) the next day. Stay tuned!

you can also enjoy the World Canal Heritage Exhibition and the wonderful contents of the first Beijing International Canal Arts Fest!

Chinese audiences can log on to platforms including Beijing Time official website(btime.com), Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center official website (bocec.cn) and WeChat video platform, Baidu, Sina Weibo, Sina News, iQiyi, Kwai, Douyu, Bilibili, Tiktok, Youku, Sohu, etc., and watch the shows by searching keywords.

Overseas audiences can watch them through iTalkBB, Beijing Time Official Channel of Youtube and Radio Beijing International Channel of Youtube. What’s more, at around 20:00 (Local Time) on December 12, the unabridged director’s cut will be broadcast on CICC!

(The specific content is subject to the actual broadcast)

Event Producers

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism
Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center
Supported by:
Tongzhou District Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Beijing Municipality
Tongzhou District Forestry and Parks Bureau of Beijing Municipality
Undertaken by:
Beijing Radio & Television Station Beijing Time

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