Hidden Champions among Chengdu’s Technology Companies

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CHENGDU, CHINA, Apr 30, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – From February 23rd to the 25th, the 9th Mobile World Congress (MWC) was held in Shanghai, China. A number of technology enterprises from Chengdu showed up with their innovative achievements and cutting-edge technologies. These companies are lesser-known companies – relatively unknown, small or midsize, and worldwide leaders in their markets.

You may see them grow slowly, compete in stable markets, and prefer to shun publicity to avoid attracting competition. They also concentrate on developing their own specialties, avoiding such currently popular management practices as diversification, strategic alliances, and outsourcing. Though not well known to the general public, in their fields of expertise, they are known as the “hidden champions.”

XpowerIt Tech: Pioneer of the “All-Wireless Era”

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February this year, OPPO showed a scroll concept phone that can achieve complete wireless “remote charging.” The phone uses a high-frequency magnetic resonance wireless charging technology solution, which comes from XpowerIt Tech, an enterprise from the Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

Yu Yiqiang, founder and Chairman of XpowerIt Tech, introduced the technical framework of this high-frequency magnetic resonance coupling technology. The company then launched a new generation of magnetic resonance wireless charging technology – “RiCharge,” which is the world’s first wireless charging technology solution with the possibility of mass production and matches both international and domestic safety standards.

It also marks the transformation from wired charging and contact charging to the current medium- and long-range remote charging, truly realizing charging methods in an “all-wireless era.” In the past 6 years, XpowerIt Tech has grown into a leader in the field of wireless charging in China.

Coxsat: New Power in 5G Era

As new infrastructure construction develops, the 5G era is accelerating like never before. In stadiums, large factories, stations, and other people-intensive places, which need large-capacity and large-bandwidth network, 5G millimeter-wave (MMW) small base station shows its great advantage. As one of the rare manufacturers in the world that can provide co-aperture dual-polarization MMW small base station, Coxsat unveiled a series of products, including 5G MMW small base station and MMW phased array antenna.

From unknown to famous, Coxsat has experienced 7 years of extreme dedication. As the first bid winner of China Mobile’s 5G MMW base stations in China, Coxsat has cooperated with many large domestic equipment manufacturers. In 2021, Gexie will focus on the commercialization of 5G MMW and satellite communication phased array antenna products, providing full support for 5G networks to enable various industries.

Chengdu NTS: More than a Behind-the-Scenes Hero

Based on years of experience in the development of RF communication products, Chengdu NTS has launched 5G open base station products and solutions and formed strategic cooperative relations with many domestic and international operators.

With the advent of 5G era, Chengdu NTS adopts self-developed DPD algorithms and high-efficiency technologies to take the lead in launching 5G white-box RRU and has achieved interconnection with a number of mainstream BBU manufacturers around the world to jointly launch 5G open base station products and solutions.

From relying on a large enterprise to assisting 5G to enable various industries, Chengdu NTS has been widely deployed in the global operator market and has accumulated rich experience in the development and industrialization of RF products, which has demonstrated its technological innovation for decades.

Why Are These “Hidden Champions” Born in Chengdu?

The “Chengdu Paradigm” of technology innovation revolves around their innovation platform, talent policy, financial support, and so on.

Talents are the primary resource. The “Talent New Policy” has attracted more than 410,000 young talents to the city, making the city the winner of the “Top 10 Most Attractive Cities for Talent in China” award continuously. As a result, Chengdu ranked 47th in the Global Innovation Index in 2020.

Universities are important platforms for basic research. By establishing a collaborative innovation mechanism of “Urban Development Partnership” between universities, institutions, enterprises, and local government, the city has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 18 well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, bringing a number of innovative projects into practice.

In addition, Chengdu has vigorously implemented the program for supporting new and high-tech enterprises. In 2020, the city encouraged enterprises to invest 10.46 billion CNY in R&D through incremental awards and subsidies for research and development, up by 3.608 billion CNY.

There are many other steadily developing high-tech enterprises which are constantly overcoming technological hurdles in Chengdu since innovation-driven development has always been the choice and consensus of this city aiming at future development.

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